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We don't want to be just like every other video production company in St. Louis. We set out to be different from the rest. How have we done this? By producing premium quality brand videos that engage and connect with viewers and drive results.

We are passionate about producing cinematic quality videos for companies and businesses that not only tell their story, but also get results. Our goal is to hear your story, get to know your target audience and produce a video that converts them to a new or repeat customer.

Jon Morgan


The path to being a business owner isn’t always conventional. I first got started with video back in 8th grade making highlight videos for a church camp I attended in the summer. In high school I took classes to learn the basics of video production, but plans to do it full time were merely daydreams. I later attended Mississippi College and graduated with a degree in psychology with intentions to pursue counseling.

In 2015 I got laid off from my first job in corporate America. Unable to find my next opportunity, I decided to create my own. I started JM Films that fall with very little business experience, but I was determined to be successful. Little did I know back in 8th grade that I would rely on those video classes to make a living, almost 15 years later. Since then the Lord has continued to bless JM Films in ways I couldn’t imagine. It’s only because of Him that I’m able to serve our clients and I’m dedicated to glorifying God with every project we take on. It just goes to show, God can make a success even from the most unconventional of starts.

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