North American Mission Board

We Produced A Video

To Raise Awareness &

Drive More Volunteers.

When they needed a video to capture their Meals for a Million event, the North American Mission board came to us help raise awareness for hunger in the St. Louis area. This video focused on telling the story behind the event and the impact it’s going to have on hunger relief. 


Event Video



Saint Louis, Missouri

What We Did

Video Production

This past summer the North American Mission Board was preparing meal packing event to impact local hunger relief. Knowing they needed a central piece that would serve as a cornerstone to this effort, they thought a video would be a perfect fit. They hired us to produce a video that focused on telling the story behind the event to raise awareness and to drive volunteers for future events. After hearing the passion behind hunger relief, coupled with identifying who their target audience is, we knew we had to make this event stand out. 

We wanted to blend some traditional video elements but with a modern touch. We decided to the video would feature sit-down interviews with the event creators, coupled with some complimentary b-roll scenes. We wanted to feature each stage  of the event & footage to capture it, along with participant interviews sharing their experience. It was a hit!