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We Produced A Brand

Video Series To Engage &

Excite More Customers.

Patrick Weber, Principle, hired us to produce two brand videos. One was a general video about Aesh for his website. The other was a specialty video focusing on his specialty in fabrication. 


Brand Video Series 


Saint Louis, Missouri

What We Did

Video Production

Last spring Aesh Design was preparing to undergo a slight rebranding. Knowing they needed a central piece that would serve as a cornerstone to this effort, Patrick thought video would be a perfect fit. He hired us to produce two brand videos; one for his website and one for his specialty in fabrication. After hearing his passion behind architecture and product design, coupled with identifying who is target audience is, we knew we had to make these stand out. We wanted to blend some traditional video elements but with a modern touch. 

We ended up producing both videos featuring a sit-down interview with Patrick coupled with some complimentary b-roll scenes. We wanted to feature Patrick in each stage of the design & building process along with scenes showing him communicating with clients. To give it a little “edge” we incorporated some film burns, grain and gave it an old school projector feel. It was a smash hit!