“Our video from JM Films turned out extremely well! It makes our brand look more serious and really conveys who we are. We are very excited to include the video in conjunction with the release of our new website.”

Ashley Ruddell
Tenet Health

Healthcare Video Marketing

Video marketing helps create connections with potential patients and increases their trust with medical professionals. Video allows patients the opportunity to get to know what makes your practice different. Contact us to find out how!

Video Attracts More New Patients

Video engages, informs and converts viewers into new patients. Consumers want to know medical professionals are experienced, safe and trustworthy. Video allows consumers to feel confident they made the right choice.

Video Increases Web Presence

87% of adults use an online search engine to research health related information. Video improves SEO visibility and also increases time spent on websites by 80%.

Video Gets More Views

Over 80% of website visitors will watch a video, compared to the 20% that will read text only. With the right video, you can reach more visitors with the right message.

Video Reaches More People

25% of all internet users watch health related videos. That's a quarter of all people on the internet. With the right video, you can reach a huge audience.

Video marketing is the best way to set yourself apart from all other medical practices. Having a brand video about your medical practice on your website and social media not only engages and informs viewers, but converts them to patients. When a patient is able to connect with you by watching a video before they have met or talked with you, it establishes a connection and forms that trust before the first meeting.

Choosing a medical practice is a big decision, so customers need to feel they can trust you can take care of them throughout the entire process. Healthcare brand videos allow potential patients to get to know your passion for medicine, the benefits of working with you, and why you are the best healthcare provider for them. Also, when you have professionally produced videos, it increases your perceived value as a medical practice and elevates your brand image. Professionally produced healthcare video marketing content creates a strong first impression in the viewers mind, and leaves them with a feeling of confidence that choosing your medical practice is the right decision.

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