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We want to be transparent and upfront. Most other production companies are scared to talk about money, but we aren't one of them. We want to be open right from the start to make sure you know what to expect and there aren't any surprises. Video can be a large investment, but just like other investments can have great returns!

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High quality video is quickly becoming the standard in marketing. But not everyone has a huge budget to work with. That’s where our simple video packages can be your best friend. These videos are simple in concept and production. Less time is involved with these therefor less costs, however you still get great quality don’t worry.


What you can get:

On location shooting

Simple 2D motion graphics

Digital delivery

Dedicated video producer


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If you have a little bigger budget to work with but still want to keep it modest, this option is for you. Advanced video packages require more time and production resources, hence more money. These videos can be more complex in concept and production. With a bigger budget we can get more creative with ideas and be able to do more with production.


What you can get:

In-depth pre-production planning

Multiple shoot days

Actors & actresses

2D character animations

Plus everything in Simple!


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The sky is the limit here. This is where we are going all in and holding nothing back. These videos require higher levels of strategy and resources. We bring in our entire production crew to devise more complex video concepts and production needs. These videos deliver the ultimate wow factor and are guaranteed to turn some heads.


What you can get:

TV commercials

Multi-video packages

Awesome 3D animation

Multi-location, multi-day shoots

Video marketing campaigns

Plus everything in Simple and Advanced!

Why do they cost so freaking much?

Let’s start with an illustration. Let’s say you are looking to buy a new home, but you don’t know how much to spend. You quickly realize there are some really cheap houses as well as some really, really expensive ones. Why is that? Well it depends on lots of factors, but most of the time you get what you pay for.

Now how does this relate to video. Well, it’s kind of the same way. Just like homes, there are really cheap videos and really, really expensive ones. But ultimately the price depends on what you want and most of the time you get what you pay for.

We pride ourselves on producing premium quality videos that deliver the absolute most value to our clients. We’re not price gaugers, we promise. Some videos can take up to 80 hours or more to produce when it’s all said and done. That’s a lot of blood, sweat and (sometimes) tears that go into making that 2 minute video. So that’s why we can’t do these for free.

My cousin has a DSLR and will do my video for free. Do you offer discounts?

If you are really considering having your cousin who has a DSLR do your video, then we aren’t going to be a good fit regardless of a discount. Best of luck.

I don't have any money. Will you do my video for ``exposure``?

Do you like having money to pay your bills? So do we. If we don’t charge money we go out of business. It’s that simple.

Do you offer payment plans?

We understand videos are a big investment, so we try to make payment arrangements as easy as possible. Typically, half is due up front when the Project Agreement is signed and the other half is due when we begin production. On some cases we can make exceptions to this, but under rare circumstances.

Do you offer refunds?

We have never had an unhappy client, so we’ve never had to worry about this. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we won’t quit until we get it right. But if something goes wrong, we will do everything we possibly can to make it right. Scout’s honor.

Do you take credit card?

As long as invoices get paid, we don’t care how. So yes, we take credit card, PayPal, check, cash, rolled coin and any other currency that is USD.

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