“We couldn't be happier with the level of professionalism we received from JM Films, our video beat all expectations, and the staff was super easy to deal with.”

Deborah Smiley
Owner, Verity Law Firm

Legal Video Marketing

Video marketing for your law firm helps engage new clients and inform them what makes your practice different. Video allows customers to create a connection with your firm and understand what you offer, ultimately improving your conversion rates. Contact us to find out how!

Video Marketing Gets Firms More Clients

Video marketing is the best way to reach more customers quickly and conveniently. Video is the most widely consumed form of media and allows your law firm to engage and convert more customers. Here's how video leads to more customers.

Video Is In Demand

By 2020, 82% of all internet content will be video based. This means that more law firms will be using more video content to meet the demand of consumers.

Video Drives Action

74% of all legal consumers visit a website to take action. Video increases engagement and time spent on site to lead to more lead conversions.

Video Increases SEO Visibility

When legal firms use video content for marketing purposes, web traffic from search engines increases by 41% when compared with firms that don’t utilize video.

Video marketing is the best way to set yourself apart from all other law firms. Having a brand video about your law firm on your website and social media not only engages and informs viewers, but converts them to customers. When a client is able to connect with you by watching a video before they have met or talked with you, it establishes a connection and forms that trust before the first meeting.

Choosing a lawyer is a big decision, so customers need to feel they can trust you can take care of them throughout the entire process. Law firm brand videos allow clients to get to know your passion for law, the benefits of working with you, and why you are the best lawyer or attorney for them. Also, when you have professionally produced videos, it increases your perceived value as a law firm and elevates your brand image. Professionally produced video marketing content not only creates a strong first impression in the viewers mind, but also leaves them with a feeling of confidence that choosing your law firm is the right decision.

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