Today customers want to know than just the features of a product. They want to know how a product will benefit their lives. Product videos are the best way to communicate this in a creative and engaging way.

Marketing is about 

understanding how

customers want to buy

and helping them do so.

Over 90% of customers say product videos are helpful in the buying decision process. This is because they get to experience your product before they buy it. Our goal is to showcase not only what your product is, but how it benefits the lives of your customers.

What we can help you achieve

Product Positioning | Brand Promotion | Product Sales | Being Different

  • Product Awareness
  • Brand Promotion
  • Increased Sales
  • Product Knowledge
  • Customer Retention
  • 1-1.5 Minute Video
  • Up to 2 Days of Filming
  • Up to 2 Filming Locations
  • Complete Editing
  • Digital Delivery
Most product videos are typically in the range of $4k-$5k. However, every project is unique and has different needs.
To determine exact cost we:

  • Understand Client Budget
  • Define Scope of Work
  • Identify Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Deliver Proposal On Budget
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