ST. LOUIS, Mo., July 20, 2020 – St. Louis video production company, JM Films, has launched a new commercial production brand, Ryval Studios, effective July 2020. Founder and Executive Producer Jon Morgan has launched Ryval Studios with hopes of increasing the commercial production side of the business nationwide. Ryval Studios will operate as a Director-based production company model, including a brand-new roster of six commercial Directors from all over the United States.

“Launching this new brand is an exciting time for the company,” says Morgan. “Over the last couple years, we have started to compete for bigger commercial work, and by creating Ryval Studios we will increase our marketability nationwide for top projects featuring our new Directors.”

Ryval Studios will feature work from rostered Directors Blake Farber, Danny Corey, Kevin Tkach, Michael Graf, Logan McNay and Guerrilla Film. Collectively, Ryval Studios’ directors have produced commercial content for national brands such as Nike, Reebok, Mountain Dew, Nestle, Listerine, Jimmy Johns and others. Founder Jon Morgan is confident Ryval Studios will help bring more national commercial work to the Midwest region and showcase it as a viable production resource.

To help with Ryval Studios sales efforts, Jon Morgan has signed Independent Commercial Production Rep Dave Campbell, of Rogue Rep to represent Ryval Studios in the West Coast market. Effective July 1, Dave is Ryval Studios’ exclusive sales rep in the West Coast territory covering all new business efforts from California to Colorado. His primary duties will include putting Ryval Studios in front of West Coast-based brands and advertising agencies to bid on new commercial work.

“I’m honored to work with Jon and the stable of rising talent at Ryval Studios.  It takes a lot of courage in this market to shake things up and reboot your brand,” said Dave Campbell. “I think Ryval is going to surprise some people and bring some exciting new creativity into this space.  I look forward to working with my agency colleagues in bringing Ryval’s roster of talent to the West Coast market.”

“We are really excited to bring Dave on and see what new opportunities he can introduce us to,” said Jon Morgan. “We met with several reps and felt like Dave was the best fit for the West Coast market. Dave has experience on the agency as well as the production side of the business, which gives him a unique angle when connecting with brands and agencies. We’re excited about this new partnership and the new projects Dave will bring.”

JM Films will continue to operate primarily in the local and regional corporate video production market, whereas Ryval Studios will focus primarily on nationwide commercial production opportunities. For more information on JM Films and to see their work, visit For more information on Ryval Studios and to see their work, visit