We Think Making

Videos Should Be Easy

Making great videos shouldn't be difficult or complicated. So we've developed a unique process that makes it both simple and effective.

Plan. Shoot. Edit.


This is where we set the goals.

In this step, we get to know everything about your company, who you are trying to reach and with what message. We also have to understand what your goals are. This is important because how your video looks, feels, what it communicates and what it accomplishes are all planned out in this step.


Lights, Camera, Action!

This is usually the client's favorite part (and ours too). This is where we make everything come to life. Most projects take 2-3 days to shoot; but don't worry it goes by quick! We work with you to schedule production dates, then we show up with all of the gear and make you the star!


This is where we make the video

In the final step, also called "Post Production", we take all of the video and audio we captured while shooting and put everything together. This can be the longest part of the process because we want to make sure everything is perfect. When finished, we then deliver the final video to you to share!

Ready to make a video?

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